How Do You Clean A 4×4 After The Beach?

After a trip to the beach, it is necessary to take care of your 4wd. Some 4wd care tips are provided hereunder to make AutoCare easier for you. While cleaning your 4wd after the beach trip you should first of all wash it by using a pressure washer or garden hose to remove loose grime, grit, and mud from it a bit faster.

Then to clean your vehicle thoroughly you should use a microfiber cloth, wash soap, wash mitt made of microfiber as well as a car wash sponge or brush. The brush or sponge should be soft enough to avoid scratches on the paint of your vehicle.

Now you have to clean under the 4wd by lying down on the ground. But if you cannot lie down on the wet ground then you can use an angled underbody pressure washing wand to make it easier to wash under 4wd.

Now you can use a microfiber towel to dry up your vehicle so that no spot of water can be seen on its paint. However, if you do not have time to wash your 4wd yourself then you can take it to a car wash service to save your time and effort but it can be a bit costly affair for you.

Can I use 4wd all the time?

You should use 4wd most of the time if your vehicle offers two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive options. Though the 2wd option can consume a bit less fuel 4wd is the best for driving on dry pavement as well as at the start of the rainy season. 4wd automatically offers extra traction whenever required.

How do you clean under 4wd?

After a trip to the beach or muddy track, it is necessary to clean under 4wd at the earliest possible occasion.

While cleaning under 4wd you should, first of all, remove big chunks of mud from the outside and under your vehicle by using a garden hose or pressure washer. After removing big pieces of mud from the exterior and under 4wd you should get under it and use usual tools like mitts, brush, and sponges, etc to clean the mud saturated under it thoroughly.

Then you can use the garden hose again to remove the remaining mud with a blast of water.

When should I use 4wd low?

You should use 4WD Low strictly while driving for the places where you may need multiplication of torque to help you like on deep sand or driving slow off-road.